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There was a recent study on food wastage during Ramadan by the Food Bank in the region. And apparently their findings were quite staggering. According to them, the wastage peaks to an average of 4.5kg per person during Ramadan, compared to the average of 2.7kg at other times. In fact, a slight shift in the way we plan our Iftars can make a big difference to these numbers. Here are a few tips to avoid food waste.

  1. Plan and measure the ingredients for your dishes
  2. Buy only what you need and try sticking to the prepared list
  3. Check for expiry dates to avoid surprises later
  4. Store food and consume based on expiry dates
  5. Store food in safe, dry place
  6. Reuse cooked food by preparing different dishes
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Ramadan Article English #4.jpgYou wouldn’t think twice if you’re to choose between a cool drink or a hot bowl of soup during Ramadan summers, would you?


But contrary to common belief, eating a hot soup during summer, surprisingly, cools you down. Now you might wonder how. Well, here’s the science behind it. When you eat a piping-hot soup, the heat triggers your body’s receptors and they relay this information to the brain. Sensing heat in your body, the brain cools you down by triggering the sweating process.


Apparently, it’s the same process your body goes through when you eat spicy food. Which means, by the time you had your bowl, you would be already chillin’! So, go ahead, don’t hesitate to make it the food you break your fast with this Ramadan Smiley Very Happy

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What if we say consuming more fat can make you stay young? Hard to believe, right? Apparently, it’s true and we have science to back it up. But, by fat we mean the kind-hearted one – the Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The benefits of this ‘guardian-of-youth’ fat is endless. Found in abundance in salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds, Omega-3 keeps your mood in check, maintains bone strength and helps in preventing heart diseases and maintaining good heart health. Actually, the way it works is: Omega-3 encourages your body to use fat as energy than to store it. Well the truth is, we all would have heard of this fact at some point of time, but tend to forget. So, consider this as a wake-up call. Go for it!


MAGGI Qarmashat - Article #2 English.jpg

The verdict is: Yes! So, you might be like “Big deal Einstein, got something new to say?” Well, we all drink water. And most of us do drink the recommended 2-3 liters a day. But what makes the real difference is ‘when’ you drink it. Drinking water throughout the day keeps us energized and helps us to not confuse between thirst and hunger, which is when you might tend to eat - when you are actually thirsty and not hungry. Keep things interesting by using frozen fruit as ice cubes or adding fresh herbs, cinnamon sticks or citrus. This way you can better control your food intake and frequency, ultimately enjoying a healthier lifestyle. And when coupled with the right diet, you’re definitely going places.